Life is the writing of stories.
And Design is the stages, the requisites, the plot twists.
Be it our own, or that of our clients and customers,
everybody has something to tell.
My role is to help you create the visuals and objects
that your story asks for.


Born in 1994 in the small town of Braunschweig, Germany.

After carrying a somewhat secret but keen interest for illustrations and graphical work through secondary school, I started working at New City Media, an advertising agency in Braunschweig in 2012.
Always interested in handcrafts as well, I picked up an internship at
a tailor shop in the same year.

Shortly after, in 2013, I moved to Berlin to start my studies in Product and Process Design at the University of Arts Berlin.
There I honed my senses for ideas, narrations, aesthetics – and the communication of which to a client or audience.
My tools include sketching, handcraft modelmaking, CAD-modelling, rendering, graphics, illustrations and layouting.

During my studies I worked as a tutor for the university and in 2018 joined the studio of Hermann August Weizenegger, conceptualising and realising product design pieces, exhibitions, presentations and illustrations.
Over the years I got the chance to exhibit some of my works in galleries and fairs, such as the imm Köln and Salone del Mobile in 2018.

After attaining my Bachelor of Arts in 2019, I have been working as a freelance designer.